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Forcing, Etc.: The Indoor Gardener's Guide to Bringing Bulbs, Branches & Houseplants into Bloom
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Forcing, Etc.: The Indoor Gardener's Guide to Bringing Bulbs, Branches & Houseplants into Bloom

Katherine Whiteside

Now in paperback, Forcing, etc, with 60,000 copies in print, is the well-received guide to indoor, through-the-winter gardening: As beautiful as it is instructive, writes Michael Pollan. Town & Country calls it: Inspiration for lightening up the bleak days of winter . . . Forcing, etc will open up a whole new world beyond paper-whites. After perusing Forcing, etc, even those with the blackest of thumbs will want to try forcing bulbs and spring branches into bloom on a winter windowsill.-Rebecca's Garden.

Written by award-winning author Katherine Whiteside, here is the complete guide to indoor gardening, filled with 125 exquisite full-color photographs. Covering pre-chilling to potting up, putting away and water-forcing, Forcing, etc combines hands-on how-to with an artist's passion for detail to show how to grow and/or force dozens of common and exotic plants: hardy bulbs-crocus, narcissus, muscari, and iris; tender bulbs-oxalis, calla lily, clivia; branches-from apple and apricot to forsythia, moosewood, and quince; and tender plants-fuchsia, coleus, clematis, and scented geraniums. In addition, the author focuses on presentation and display, choosing unexpected containers, and orchestrating an indoor garden for balance of bloom and color.

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